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GreenR3 1-PACK HEPA Air Filter for Philips FC8038/01 HEPA 13 HP13 Fits FC6841 HR6642 FC6842 FC6843 HR8508 Models Series Replacement Cleaning Tool Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Part PN and more

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PN: FC8038/01

Fit for: HEPA13 FC6841/01 FC6842/01 FC6843/01 FC6843/02 FC6843/03 FC6843/04 FC6844/01 FC6844/02 FC8381/01 FC8381/02 FC8381/11 FC8382/01 FC8386/01 FC8386/11 FC8388/02 FC8390/01 FC8390/02 FC8392/01 FC8394/01 FC8396/01 FC8397/02 FC8424/02 FC8425/02 FC8429/02 FC8430/02 HR6642/01 HR6651/02 HR6651/04 HR6655/01 HR6661/01 HR8368/01 HR8370/01 HR8372/02 HR8372/03 HR8372/04 HR8372/06 HR8374/02 HR8376/05 HR8376/07 HR8376/08 HR8378/07 HR8501/01 HR8502/01 HR8502/06 HR8503/01 HR8504/01 HR8505/01 HR8507/02 HR8507/09 HR8508/02 HR8508/16 HR8508/19 HR8514/01 HR8514/91 HR8525/02 HR8532/01 HR8532/02 HR8534/01 HR8536/01 HR8536/02 HR8536/05 HR8539/01 HR8539/02 HR8539/05 HR8542/01 HR8546/02 HR8556/01 HR8556/02 HR8564/01 HR8564/11 HR8564/91 HR8565/01 HR8565/02 HR8565/11 HR8565/12 HR8565/17 HR8566/01 HR8566/02 HR8566/05 HR8566/11 HR8566/12 HR8566/15 HR8566/19 HR8566/22 HR8567/01 HR8567/02 HR8567/04 HR8567/09 HR8567/11 HR8567/12 HR8568/01 HR8568/02 HR8568/04 HR8568/09 HR8568/11 HR8568/12 HR8568/18 HR8568/19 HR8568/25 HR8569/12 HR8569/17 HR8569/18 HR8570/12 HR8570/15 HR8570/38 HR8570/57 HR8571/15 HR8571/18 HR8572/11 HR8572/12 HR8572/18 HR8572/24 HR8572/28 HR8572/34 HR8573/12 HR8581/04 HR8581/10 HR8581/11 HR8582/14 HR8701/01 HR8704/02 HR8707/05 HR8731/01 HR8731/02 HR8731/05 HR8733/01 HR8733/05 HR8735/01 HR8735/02 HR8755/02 HR8755/04 HR8775/05 HR8825/02 HR8837/02 HR8847/01 HR8858/02 HR8880/01 HR8881/02 HR8882/02 HR8884/01 HR8891/06 HR8891/16 HR8891/17 HR8893/02 HR8893/06 HR8893/15 HR8895/17 HR8897/02 HR8897/03 HR8897/04 HR8897/06 HR8898/06 HR8899/01 HR8900/12 HR8900/14 HR8900/15 HR8900/17 HR8901/09 HR8903/02 HR8903/05 HR8903/09 HR8903/12 HR8903/15 HR8903/17 HR8907/02 HR8909/05 HR8910/09 HR8910/12 HR8910/15 HR8948/01 HR8948/09 HR8981/18 HR8982/15

- Compatible P/N: HEPA13 FC8038/01

- Disclaimer: This product is a generic item that is designed to replace the original part. Any brand name or logo is respective trademark of their owner.